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Visual communication is the ability to speak the language of the audience. The key designers task is to articulate the idea and transfer it into a visual image – short, memorable and, of course, of aesthetic value.
And the aspiration for aesthetics and harmony is very important, because the environment affects us constantly, every day. When we are surrounded by beautiful things, beautiful views, beautiful people, we feel better.
We become better selves

Kalinina Elena
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Munich, Germany
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Corporate Identity for MAXIMUS building company, Munich, Germany

Development and implementation of the corporate style concept for the construction company. The main idea is the smooth integration of modern building technologies into the urban environment and the historical architectural context.

Lyapunov, Terekhin and Partners
Corporate Identity for law-firm, Moscow, Russia

Development and implementation of the corporate style concept for a Russian law firm specializing in legislation in the field of urban planning and land use. The company's slogan OPEN. RELIABLE. COMPETENT - is reflected in the logo through the metaphor of the open door, which has affirmative green color and stability embedded in the sign itself.

Corporate Identity, Art direction, Graphic design

Development and implementation of the corporate style concept, design of a logo and business cards for the permanent make-up studio in Germany. The owner is a modern, energetic, smart girl and we worked very hard to make the logo reflect her optimism, great taste and artistic approach to work.
Joint project with designer Elena Zemlyanskaya.

«MoveUp» Magazine
Corporate Identity, print design, layout, art direction for a dance culture magazine «MoveUp». Moscow, Russia

Development and implementation of the visual concept, design models of the first issues of the dance culture magazine. The main idea of the magazine is to tell colourfully about different styles and directions in the dance culture, each issue is dedicated to one of them. Since the target audience of the magazine is mostly young people who are into dancing, they are also telling about fashion trends and relevant events in this area, practical advice on training, nutrition, and on stage makeup.

Lecture club «Cultural people»
Munich, Germany
Founder and CEO, event management, art direction, Corporate Identity, print design, layout, web

The main task of the Munich Russian-language lecture club is not only to popularize science and deepen immersion in world history and culture, but we strive to answer the questions that all those who moved to another country have- successful integration, intercultural relations in the family and the upbringing of children, finding yourselves in the new conditions. The club strives to become a platform where like-minded people meet. And we really want to show our audience that even a very complex subjects do not have to be boring, they are exciting and very interesting. Therefore, the corporate style and all promotional materials have so much humor and game. I drew inspiration from Saltykov-Shchedrin's essays and the typography of Vladimir Favorsky. Many thanks to the designer Ksenia Pronina for lettering for the logo.

Social projects
A series of social posters NGO "New Life"
Orenburg, Russia

The group of mutual support for HIV-positive people invites to communicate, and I was very thrilled to help them with bright, attractive and positive posters.

Kalinina Elena
Graphic design, Branding, Art direction, Events
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+49 160 94 90 98 35

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